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Online 27 December 2023 Joined since December 2023

Village Barber products are the result of over 40 years of experience in the traditional barbering industry. Developed by Iain Kane, a seasoned barber with a deep-rooted barbering heritage, our shaving and beard care products are meticulously crafted to exceed the highest standards in male grooming.

What sets Village Barber apart is our commitment to using therapeutic-grade natural oils sourced from around the globe. This ensures that each product not only delivers exceptional performance but also provides a satisfying and luxurious experience for our customers.

With a worldwide guarantee of satisfaction, our retailers, wholesalers, and distributors have complete confidence in stocking our products. This guarantee reflects our unwavering dedication to producing top-quality grooming essentials.

Originally, Village Barber shaving products were exclusively offered to Iain's personal clientele. However, over the years, our Shaving Oil and Aftershave Balm have gained immense popularity and received acclaim from satisfied customers worldwide. They have also garnered recognition and praise from industry peers and professionals.

We are thrilled to now offer our products online for convenient access worldwide. Additionally, our carefully selected retail outlets in the UK, Italy, Greece, and the USA provide customers with the opportunity to experience the excellence of Village Barber firsthand.

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