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Online 25 December 2023 Joined since December 2023

VELTRU is a company that specializes in providing components and logistics software tailored for pick and place applications specifically designed for machine manufacturers and system integrators. The company operates within various industries including food, cosmetics, and the pharmaceutical sector.

VELTRU offers comprehensive support in the form of training, engineering, and project assistance to meet the specific requirements of their clients. Their Application Template is a versatile tool that enables the configuration of standard applications while allowing for the programming of additional functionalities to cater to unique project demands. The company's product range includes Delta robots with an IP69K wash down version, 2-axis robots for toploading, and the capacity to develop customized OEM versions.

The motion controller utilized by VELTRU is based on the CODESYS platform and includes source code application templates. The company places a special emphasis on multi-robot applications, focusing on load balancing within both counter flow and parallel flow systems. In addition to their core offerings, VELTRU also provides options such as grippers, machine vision technology using MATROX DA, and LED backlights to further enhance their product portfolio.

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