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Online 4 January 2024 Joined since January 2024

Top Shelf Concepts is a leading company in the hospitality industry that specializes in providing top-notch food presentation solutions to enhance the guest experience. Our extensive range of buffet equipment includes beverage dispensers, dry food dispensers for portion control, airtight bakery display cases, risers and surfaces, chafing dishes for warming solutions, ice baths for cooling solutions, jam displays, display crates, trolleys, mobile bars, and stations, serving spoons and tongs, heat lamps, toasters, placemats, carving stations, drop-in induction and hot or cold shelves, drop-in food display cabinets and counters, juice agitators, 3D printing for chocolate, and cup and lid dispensers. We also offer sustainable disposables and consumables such as wooden cutlery, bento boxes, and takeaway disposables for grab-and-go meals, as well as bamboo skewers, pine food boats, cups, cones, food-grade wax paper, and BIOLite canape vessels. Additionally, our range of reusable melamine products includes lunchboxes, platters, boards, bowls, and canape bowls, as well as room service trays. To complete your dining experience, we offer tabletop and bar options, including crockery, cutlery, table accessories, and furniture. Contact us for all your food presentation needs – we are here to assist you!

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