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Online 9 August 2023 Joined since August 2023

TECHSEALAB is a renowned company operating in the biotechnologies industry, with a specific focus on marine and terrestrial plant-based solutions. Based in Brittany, our company is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize various sectors.

At TECHSEALAB, we specialize in the production of organic active ingredients, obtained through our exclusive proprietary technologies. These ingredients can be formulated into liquid, solid, or cream forms, utilizing meticulously chosen raw materials sourced from an exceptional site located at the southern extremity of Finistere. Our commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that our customers receive the finest products available in the market.

In addition to creating these organic ingredients, TECHSEALAB also engages in formulating finished products primarily catered to agricultural markets. We understand the importance of natural alternatives, which is why we actively promote the utilization of algae and plant-based solutions. These alternatives serve as a response to the global demands of our esteemed clientele, further demonstrating our commitment to fostering our international presence.

TECHSEALAB products are designed to benefit a wide range of agricultural practices, including field crops, vineyards, orchards, nurseries, arboriculture, horticulture, and more. By providing these natural alternatives, we aim to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of farming practices worldwide.

With our unrivaled expertise and dedication to innovation, TECHSEALAB is at the forefront of the biotechnology sector. We strive to consistently exceed expectations, providing our customers with solutions that not only improve their outcomes but also align with their environmental stewardship values.

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