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Online 31 July 2023 Joined since July 2023

Piabs Lifting Automation Division, under the brand TAWI, is an industry-leading company that specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for safe and ergonomic lifting. With a focus on Swedish quality and innovation, TAWI lifting equipment has a long history of improving efficiency and promoting employee health in businesses around the world.

Our wide range of lifting solutions caters to various industries, including food manufacturing and the wood industry. Whether it's boxes, sacks, cheese, or windshields, our lifting equipment can handle it all. We offer vacuum lifters, lifting trolleys, hoists, crane systems, and mobile lifters that can turn, tilt, and rotate heavy barrels, large panels, and more.

At TAWI, we prioritize ergonomics and safety. Our products are designed to reduce strain on employees' backs, knees, and shoulders, resulting in more efficient and secure handling of goods. With TAWI equipment, lifting, moving, tilting, and rotating loads in all types of environments becomes effortless. Improved ergonomics also lead to increased efficiency and reduced costs for our clients.

We take pride in being the most comprehensive supplier of lifting solutions in the market. We are delighted that an increasing number of companies rely on our TAWI equipment to ensure smooth and secure operations. When you choose TAWI, you can expect a solution that is 100% TAWI, from the design and production stages to installation and service. Our dedicated team is committed to meeting your specific needs and providing exceptional customer service at every step of the process.

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