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Online 26 December 2023 Joined since December 2023

Established in 2017, TAILPETZ® is a Turkish pet products manufacturer specializing in harnesses, collars, and leashes. We believe that color and pattern play a significant role in expressing the personal style and personality of our pets.

With over 1100+ sales points, including pet shops, veterinary clinics, pet grooming salons, and regional dealers throughout Turkey, we have established a strong presence in the market. Additionally, we have expanded our reach through distributorships in five different countries. Our annual production capacity of 800,000 pieces ensures that we can meet the demands of our customers.

Our product selection for cats and dogs includes a variety of harnesses such as Airmesh, Norwegian, and H-type harnesses, as well as H-type collars and leashes available in different colors and designs. We strive to produce high-quality products that instill a sense of prestige and trust in our business relations.

At TAILPETZ®, we understand the importance of comfort for pets. That's why our designs are suitable for pets of all sizes and reduce pressure on their bodies. We use lightweight and air-permeable Air-Mesh outer materials to ensure breathability. Our fabrics are carefully selected to maintain optimal body temperatures for pets in all seasons.

We are committed to expanding our manufacturing culture and reaching pet owners worldwide. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

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