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Online 31 December 2023 Joined since December 2023

Stewart Hill Walker UK Limited, also known as StewartHillUK, is a British wholesale B2B export company specializing in the wine industry. Established in 2014 in London by Lucilda Stewart, a former lawyer, our family-owned business has garnered a reputation for excellence. In 2018, we underwent a rebranding with a name change.

We pride ourselves on exporting our own private label wines to various countries, including Canada, the USA, and Sweden. Our selection comprises two exceptional ranges sourced from esteemed vineyards. The first range features wines produced by a century-old family vineyard situated in the Navarro and La Rioja regions of Spain, renowned for their outstanding red wines. The second range showcases wines from a family-owned vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina, which has garnered accolades and recognition for its exceptional products.

At StewartHillUK, our attention to detail extends beyond the quality of our wines. We derive inspiration for our label design from the crest of our Scottish surname, Stewart. The crest prominently features a pelican feeding her young in its nest, symbolizing self-sacrifice and resilience. The Latin motto on the crest, \

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