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Online 31 July 2023 Joined since July 2023

Our company is a world-leading manufacturer specializing in the production of high-quality profiles and finishes in the aluminum industry. With extensive research and development using the latest technologies, we have achieved an unparalleled colorization process and spectrum specifically for this application.

Our systems are not only strikingly beautiful but also safe and highly efficient. Made from aluminum, they more than double BTU output compared to traditional systems. We have revolutionized water and electrically based heating systems, incorporating 21st-century technologies to create a truly innovative solution.

Introducing QUUP, a groundbreaking system that combines art and function. Our designers carefully consider various materials when creating our products, and when it comes to thermal conductivity for heat transfer, aluminum is the best choice. That's why QUUP is made exclusively from pure extruded aluminum.

Our goal was to create the Radiator of the Future, one that complements modern design expressions and operates economically on low-temperature hydronic loops or low voltage. By utilizing the best aluminum production methods, experience, and technology available, we have successfully developed QUUP Heating Solutions.

When you choose QUUP, you'll experience the impact of our meticulous raw material selection, innovative design, precise production processes, and efficient delivery. Our QUUP models seamlessly blend the finest materials, excellent design, and unique craftsmanship to exceed international standards and testing requirements.

Join us on the Production (R)Evolution journey with QUUP, where we are redefining the heating industry through cutting-edge aluminum-based solutions.

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