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Online 5 January 2024 Joined since January 2024

PROFIPACK is a specialized company that focuses on embossing and hot foil stamping dies in the industry. With our expertise in hot foil stamping, we ensure the precise transfer of stamping foil onto various materials. Our debossing technique provides high-quality stamping without the incorporation of foil. We prioritize customer preferences by ensuring the depth of engraving aligns with their requirements.

Our company also specializes in embossing, which produces a raised relief on materials without the use of foil. We offer embossing dies made of brass and use forces made from brass or hard plastics. The depth and shape of the relief can be customized based on specific customer preferences.

We provide die cutting tools with integrated embossing, which allows for simultaneous embossing and cutting operations in a single pass. Additionally, our fluted foiling tooling combines embossing and hot foil stamping in one pass, utilizing brass dies and plastic forces. This process requires a mold for force production.

We excel in microrelief foiling, holograms, and protective elements. Our fine structure foiling achieves intriguing effects and creates protective elements without the use of holographic foil. Whether with or without stamping foil, our microstructure foiling enhances security features without relying on holographic foil.

Profipack also specializes in braille embossing. We employ a universal female matrix, primarily utilizing major braille fonts in use across Europe.

We offer silicone tooling, which enables foil transfer for plastic applications using silicone dies. Furthermore, our thin plate tooling utilizes brass dies mounted on steel plates, tailored according to the specifications of your machines.

At PROFIPACK, we are dedicated to providing high-quality embossing and hot foil stamping dies, offering a wide range of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

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