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Online 29 December 2023 Joined since December 2023

Portex, a leading manufacturer in the tank and cistern pressure lid industry, has been supplying high-quality products to customers in France and around the globe for over six decades. With a strong focus on pressure lids, Portex has continuously improved the performance and durability of its products, which were initially used as gasifier lids. Today, these products serve as the gold standard for a wide range of industrial applications.

At Portex, we specialize in the design and manufacture of various types of pressure lids and closures. Our product range includes round, rectangular, and oval external pressure lids, as well as inspection hatches, welding hatches, and diameters ranging from 100 to 1200 mm. We offer lids made from both steel and stainless steel, with options for pressure and high-pressure autoclaves up to 25 bar.

In addition to pressure lids, Portex also provides other accessories for tanks and vats, such as drip-trays, safety grilles, sight glasses, manholes, and vat accessories. Our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our customers has allowed us to expand our presence globally. Our liaison office in Germany, located at Lebacherstrasse 4 - 66113, can be reached at Tel.: 0681.9963.78.

With our extensive experience, superior quality products, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Portex is a trusted partner in the tank and cistern pressure lid industry.

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