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Online 27 December 2023 Joined since December 2023

Plus Packing is a leading manufacturer in the wooden packaging industry, specializing in the production of wooden cases and boxes since 1998. We offer a wide range of packaging solutions to cater to the diverse needs of our valued customers.

Our wooden packaging boxes are designed for export, shipping, logistics, industrial, and seaworthy packaging purposes. We use high-quality wood materials such as plywood, pine, poplar, birch, and spruce to ensure durability and protection during transportation. Our team of experts customizes the boxes based on your specific transportation and storage requirements, ensuring the best possible storage solution for your products.

In addition to packaging for wholesale businesses, we also provide personalized wooden boxes for personal, promotional, and alcoholic beverage packaging. Our personal wooden boxes include keepsake boxes, wooden wedding boxes, and wooden memorial boxes, perfect for storing cherished items or commemorating special occasions. For advertising sectors, we offer a range of wooden gift boxes, wooden sliding lid boxes, wooden chest boxes, wooden crates, wooden cigar boxes, and wooden boxes with hinged lids, all fully customizable to meet your branding needs.

For the beverage industry, we offer a variety of packaging solutions for bottles. Our wooden wine crates, wine racks, wine bottle holders, wine boxes with sliding lids, and champagne boxes and crates provide both elegance and protection for your valuable products.

To minimize the risk of damage during shipment, we also provide supportive packing products, such as foam packaging, which absorbs shocks and minimizes losses. Our commitment to delivering high-quality packaging solutions ensures that your products are well-protected throughout the shipping process.

Choose Plus Packing for all your wooden packaging needs and experience the best in quality, customization, and reliability.

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