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Online 23 December 2023 Joined since December 2023

Pelagos Aquarium is a prominent player in the pet food and accessories industry in Turkey. Established in 1980, we have been manufacturing and distributing a wide range of pet food and accessories, including cat food, dog food, bird food, cat litter, and various pet accessories. We take pride in our extensive export network, which serves over 3000 customers globally, including pet shops, veterinary clinics, supermarkets, and e-stores.

Since 2014, we have successfully launched our renowned brands, FELICIA and JUNGLE, specializing in dog and cat food. These brands have earned a solid reputation in the global market for their high-quality standards and nutritional value.

What sets Pelagos Aquarium apart is our commitment to sourcing the finest raw materials from around the world. By utilizing premium ingredients, we ensure that our products deliver the utmost quality to pet owners. Additionally, we strive to offer these superior products at competitive prices, making them accessible to a wide range of pet owners and businesses.

In summary, Pelagos Aquarium is an esteemed pet food and accessories manufacturer and distributor, contributing to the well-being of pets worldwide. With our top-notch products, international presence, and dedication to excellence, we continue to be a trusted name in the industry.

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