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Online 17 June 2023 Joined since June 2023

Nocturne is a cutting-edge company operating in the healthcare industry that specializes in diagnosing neurological disorders using retinal image analysis. The proprietary technology, which is currently in the process of being patented, involves the thorough analysis of 3D images of the retina obtained utilizing non-invasive imaging technology known as optical coherence tomography (OCT). While OCT has its primary use in ophthalmology, it has limited value when it comes to neurologic applications.

Founded in Berlin, Germany, in February 2018, Nocturne has established a strong team of experts that bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. The team comprises of a medical image analysis expert, a mathematical modelling expert, a clinical neuroscientist, a neurodiagnostics expert, and a leading neurologist who serves as the scientific advisor. Nocturne is dedicated to using advanced technology to improve the detection and treatment of neurological disorders by exploring the potential of a new area in medical imaging.

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