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Online 23 December 2023 Joined since December 2023

NaturaYuva is a company operating in the agriculture industry. Our primary goal is to rejuvenate agriculture by developing organic farming protocols for medicinal and aromatic plants. Additionally, we focus on ecological extraction processes to produce niche natural ingredients used in various sectors such as nutraceuticals, food, flavors, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and health supplements.

By collaborating with farmers and extractors, we ensure the production of high-quality products. Our main emphasis is on sustainable cultivation through agroforestry, which not only improves quality but also generates significant environmental and social impact. This includes the rejuvenation of degraded land, carbon sequestration, the creation of farm-based employment, fair wages, and the conservation of medicinal plants.

At NaturaYuva, we offer a range of niche, high-quality, sustainable natural ingredients derived from biomass. These include leaves, rhizomes or roots, bark, resins or stems, which we process to generate essential oils, powders, or extracts.

What sets our products apart is that they are of high quality, thanks to our quality-by-design approach. They are sustainably produced using best-in-class agroforestry practices and transformation processes. We also ensure traceability from the seed or nursery stage to delivery. Moreover, our products are fair, thanks to our direct partnering and empowering programs with farming communities. Each cultivation and extraction of botanicals and natural ingredients is customized for our clients. We offer natural ingredients made from over 150 plant species grown on our farms.

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