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Online 6 August 2023 Joined since August 2023

NA&T STORY COSMÉTIQUES BIO EN PROVENCE is a leading natural and organic cosmetics company based in Aix-en-Provence since 2018. We are dedicated to manufacturing a wide range of high-quality, certified vegan, and organic facial care products. Our commitment to sustainability and the beauty industry sets us apart from other brands in several ways.

One of the key aspects that make our products unique is our water-free formulations, ensuring optimal concentration and efficacy of active ingredients. We pride ourselves on using up to 95% active ingredients and up to 100% naturally sourced ingredients in our formulations. Furthermore, our formulae are enhanced by proven plant-based biotechnology active ingredients, elevating the effectiveness of our products.

At NA&T STORY COSMÉTIQUES BIO EN PROVENCE, we go beyond providing effective skincare solutions. Our organic care line is completely free from mineral oils, such as vaseline and paraffin, as well as silicone, ensuring the purity and naturalness of our products. We also stand against endocrine disruptors, such as parabens and phenoxyethanol, making our organic cosmetics safe and healthy for daily use.

We take pride in being a company that places emphasis on ethical practices. Our natural cosmetics range is entirely free from ingredients of animal origin and palm oil, contributing to the preservation of biodiversity and protecting our environment. Additionally, all our packaging is recyclable, minimizing our ecological footprint, and promoting a sustainable future.

NA&T STORY COSMÉTIQUES BIO EN PROVENCE believes in the power of nature and its ability to provide effective and gentle care for the skin. Our products are enriched with 100% natural fragrances, ensuring a delightful sensory experience.

For more detailed information about our products and company values, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are thrilled to share the NA&T STORY COSMÉTIQUES BIO EN PROVENCE experience with you!

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