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Online 24 July 2023 Joined since July 2023

Myrtus Laurus Foreign Trade is a leading company in the agricultural production industry, specializing in the integration of agricultural and industrial processes. With our expertise in steam distillation techniques, we extract essential oils from a wide range of medical and aromatic plants.

Our product range includes high-quality essential oils such as Laurus nobilus, Myrtus comminus, Eucalyptus globulus, pinus, and Rosmarinus officinalis leaves. These oils are renowned for their numerous benefits and are widely used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and fragrance industries.

Located in Murtcular, Karaisalı, our company operates from a state-of-the-art facility spanning over 1,800 square meters, situated on a vast 12,000 square meter area. This spacious and well-equipped indoor facility allows us to maintain the highest quality standards in the production, processing, and packaging of our essential oils.

At Myrtus Laurus Foreign Trade, we are committed to delivering superior products that meet the evolving needs of our discerning customers. With our stringent quality control measures and advanced production techniques, we ensure that our essential oils retain their purity, potency, and natural aroma.

As a company dedicated to sustainable and ethical practices, we source our raw materials from reputable suppliers who adhere to environmentally friendly cultivation methods. By promoting responsible farming and harvesting practices, we contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and the protection of natural resources.

With our strong presence in the industry, we have established a reputation for reliability, excellence, and innovation. We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently deliver exceptional products and provide personalized solutions to meet the diverse requirements of our clients.

Choose Myrtus Laurus Foreign Trade for a wide range of premium essential oils produced through industry-leading techniques within our cutting-edge facility. Experience.

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