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Online 14 July 2022 Joined since July 2022
Online 14 July 2022 Joined since July 2022

MYNE Homes is a digital co-ownership platform for vacation properties.
MYNE Homes - The innovative way to your own dream holiday home through managed co-ownership!
MYNE Homes is the smart new way to buy your own holiday home.

MYNE Homes makes it easy to find, purchase and manage holiday homes in Europe and internationally. Through managed co-ownership, the purchase price of the property as well as other acquisition and maintenance costs are divided among the owners.

MYNE Homes was founded by Fabian Löhmer and Nikolaus Thomale in spring 2021. Moritz Vossenberg as CTO and real estate experts Dr. Nikolai Jäger and Philipp Wagmann complete the team. Angel investors include Hakan Koç (Auto1), Christian Gaiser (numa, formerly COSI Group) and Alexander Artopé (Smava).

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