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Online 17 June 2023 Joined since June 2023

Livejourney is a leading process mining company that assists organizations in optimizing their business operations, including supply chain, finance, and customer experience. The company recognizes that business processes should serve the organization and not the other way around. Their innovative solution allows companies to regain control over their daily operations by providing real-time process mapping and analysis possibilities, thereby enabling businesses to gain a precise and comprehensive overview of their operations. Their data-driven approach identifies any remaining gaps between theoretical and actual optimal processes using machine learning algorithms that provide invaluable insights into the operational performance. Livejourney's unique competitive advantage lies in their patented predictive process mining technique, which allows businesses to anticipate and prevent future non-conformances while evaluating the accuracy of predictions. To take advantage of Livejourney's robust software and enhance your business operations, book a demo today!

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