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Online 24 July 2023 Joined since July 2023
Online 24 July 2023 Joined since July 2023

leFather is a distinguished Istanbul-based company that originated in Bolu, a prominent city in Turkey known for its thriving leather industry. Our steadfast belief is that true mastery stems from hands-on experience and apprenticeship in a craft.

With a firm foundation in the export and leather manufacturing sector, our knowledgeable and experienced entrepreneur founders have fostered the development of the leFather brand, which puts utmost emphasis on providing customer-oriented services.

Every member of our team is a specialist in their respective field, carefully chosen to ensure that all operational processes, from production to export and marketing, are executed with the highest level of professionalism.

Driven by a commitment to support domestic production and to set an outstanding example for the entire industry, we meticulously carry out our operations, infusing them with unparalleled reliability and a comprehensive perspective.

At leFather, we proudly offer an exquisite range of 100% full grain leather accessories available in an array of sizes and colors. With a passion for delivering diverse options, we serve our esteemed B2B business partners with top-notch leather belts, bags, wallets, and shoes for both men and women. All our products are manufactured in Bolu, Turkey, where our expertise, cultivated over more than a decade, culminates in the production of exceptionally high-quality items.

Our primary focus is to design timeless leather goods that exude elegance and can be worn flawlessly for many years. We cherish the art of leather manufacturing, which artfully blends the distinctive qualities of Turkish and Italian influences, thereby exemplifying the exceptional craftsmanship that defines leFather.

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