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Online 16 June 2023 Joined since June 2023

Leaning Technologies is a cutting-edge technology company that specializes in providing advanced HTML5 and WebAssembly solutions. The company focuses on helping businesses convert and develop their applications from C, C++, Java, and Flash into high-quality, responsive HTML5 formats.

With their innovative tools, Cheerp, CheerpJ, and CheerpX, Leaning Technologies can easily bring any software or application to the web, ensuring that it runs smoothly and efficiently, completely on the client-side. This provides a seamless experience for end-users and helps businesses stay competitive and up-to-date in their respective industries.

Founded in September 2012 by Stefano De Rossi, Massimo Grava, and Alessandro Pignotti, Leaning Technologies has quickly become a leading player in the technology industry. The company has offices located in London, United Kingdom, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is committed to providing unparalleled customer service and support to clients worldwide.

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