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Online 27 July 2023 Joined since July 2023

K-TECH Electronic Vertriebs GmbH, headquartered in Nördlingen, Bavaria, is a leading company in the electronic industry. Since its establishment in 1996, K-TECH has focused on trading ESD packaging materials for electronic and electromechanical components. Over the years, the company's expertise has propelled its rise to become one of the dominant players in Central Europe's blister tape packaging market.

As a trusted supplier, K-TECH offers a comprehensive range of products including blister tapes, SMD tapes, carrier tapes, plastic spools, DryPack, wafer frames, cover tapes, taping machines, blister tape dispensers, blister tape machines, vacuuming devices, SMD spools, Dry bags, ESD packaging, ESD shielding bags, blister tape packaging, and tape machines.

By consistently delivering high-quality packaging solutions and leveraging their deep industry knowledge, K-TECH Electronic Vertriebs GmbH continues to provide innovative and reliable products that meet the diverse needs of the electronic sector.

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