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Online 15 June 2023 Joined since June 2023

IGLOO Security, under the leadership of CEO Lee Deuk-chun, is a globally recognized information security company that was established in November 1999. Initially, the company focused on the early information protection market where firewall and anti-virus products were the primary security options. However, they decided to pioneer and lead the domestic integrated security management market as they realized that there was a need to accelerate innovation and strengthen security in working environments and methods.

IGLOO Security has relentlessly pursued this goal and has long prepared for building integrated security systems that preemptively respond to increasingly sophisticated security risks. Thanks to their extensive experience and competence in integrated security management and Managed Security Services service areas, the company has developed a comprehensive range of security solutions and services that span from network to endpoint security. To achieve this, the company has consistently invested in R&D over the years.

As an information security company, IGLOO Security operates within the dynamic and ever-changing industry of cybersecurity. The company understands that the landscape of cyber-risks is constantly evolving and so they strive to stay ahead of emerging threats by providing cutting-edge technologies and services for their clients.

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