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Online 30 July 2023 Joined since July 2023

We are a renowned company specializing in the development and production of cast aluminium parts for various industries. Our expertise lies in the manufacturing of our exceptional Arens tubular fittings, which have become the new benchmark for quality and design. Located in Iserlohn, Germany, our state-of-the-art facility follows strict RoHS and REACH regulations, ensuring compliance and sustainability. With a robust in-house quality management system, we guarantee the highest standards of production.

Renowned businesses from diverse industries worldwide trust us as their preferred supplier. We take pride in offering tailored solutions and customizable products to meet your unique requirements. Our Arens tubular fittings are designed for seamless assembly and can be swiftly installed without the need for welding or specialized tools. These fittings are ideal for constructing railings in machinery, work platforms, as well as handrails and poles for buses and trains.

At our core, we value customer satisfaction and prioritize their needs. Therefore, we exclusively employ high-quality, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant aluminium alloys that adhere to DIN standards. By utilizing such materials, we ensure optimal stability and long-lasting support for our esteemed customers.

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