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Online 6 January 2024 Joined since January 2024

Harrow Security is a leading supplier and manufacturer of top-quality armored vehicles. Based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), our company specializes in designing and building a comprehensive range of armored vehicles, ranging from armored passenger vehicles to Military Personnel Carriers.

Our extensive product range includes various types of vehicles, such as armored cars, SUVs, pick-ups, vans, buses, cash-in-transit vehicles, VIP SUVs, armored personnel carriers, troopers, riot control vehicles, SWAT and police tactical vehicles, and convoy escort vehicles. We take pride in providing high-quality armored vehicles that meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers.

Most of our production vehicles are armored to level B6, in compliance with the European CEN standards. However, we also offer a range of protection levels from B4 to B7, and can tailor our vehicles to meet other ballistic standards like NATO, STANAG, US NIJ, Russian GHOST, or any specific standard requested by our customers.

At Harrow Security, we use materials that meet or exceed the European CEN 1522 and CEN 1063 standards for both opaque and transparent armor in our B6 level armored vehicles.

Our vehicles are supplied to customers in various countries, including South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Chad, Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Angola, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda, the Philippines, China, Thailand, Russia, Venezuela, UAE, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Iran, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan.

We are proud to supply major brands such as Armored Bullet Proof - Land Cruiser, Hilux Pickup, Lexus LX570, Nissan Patrol, Range Rover, Chevrolet Suburban, and Ford Trucks. With our commitment to quality and safety, Harrow Security is the trusted partner for those seeking reliable armored vehicles for various needs and applications.

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