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Online 24 July 2023 Joined since July 2023

Are you searching for a professional printing house that offers efficient service, quick response times, and affordable prices lower than those in Western Europe? Your search ends with GRIST99.

Located near Warsaw, Poland, our head office has been at the forefront of the printing industry for over 20 years, accumulating extensive experience in various printing processes. Our specialty lies in medium and high volume offset printing, and we take pride in our ability to execute even the most complex printing works to help you achieve the desired effect.

At GRIST99, we cater to both Polish and foreign companies, attracting esteemed clients such as the European Commission, Skanska, Iveco, Yves Rocher, Cemex, Mercedes Benz, and the Mint of Poland. Our reputation for delivering exceptional results has earned us the honor of collaborating with these esteemed institutions.

Our expertise encompasses a range of printing techniques. Sheet-fed offset printing is ideal for medium and large volumes, allowing seamless utilization of special Pantone inks and various varnishes. Additionally, our digital printing offering is a perfect solution for producing small quantities, personalized orders, and urgent requests.

The diversity of our product range is outstanding. We can expertly produce brochures, catalogs, magazines, hardcover books, envelopes, letterhead paper, cardboard clipboards, cardboard ring binders, paper bags, cotton bags, presentation folders, calendars, planners, flyers, leaflets, folders, posters, labels, stickers, notebooks, notepads, and anything else you desire. Simply ask, and we will deliver.

When it comes to transportation, we utilize the services of the largest and most reliable courier companies in the industry, such as DHL, DPD, and UPS. This enables us to organize quick and secure deliveries, taking on all the responsibilities associated with transportation.

At GRIST99, we combine our printing expertise, dedication to customer satisfaction, and competit.

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