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Online 25 July 2023 Joined since July 2023
Online 25 July 2023 Joined since July 2023

Our company is committed to developing and producing products that meet the needs of the market and contribute to the economy of our country. In the rapidly changing world of competition, innovation and constant development are crucial. Our main objective is to fully meet the demands and expectations of our customers by understanding their needs and leveraging our production capabilities.

We take pride in using advanced production technologies and carefully selected raw materials to create long-lasting, durable, and functional products. Our quality has been accredited by ISO 9001:2015 certified management systems and TSE quality certificates, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards. As a result, our products are not only popular in our domestic market but also in international markets.

At our company, we strive to offer our customers more than just value for their money. We place great importance on consumer rights, providing exceptional after-sales service, and offering a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Upholding these principles is a fundamental part of our commitment to maintaining high-quality standards.

When it comes to pipe bending production, we are extremely meticulous and diligent. We pay close attention to manufacturing faults such as cracks and twists, ensuring that our products are of the highest quality. Our current production machine is capable of supporting up to Ø25, and we have plans to expand our machinery field in the near future.

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