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Online 27 December 2023 Joined since December 2023

We are a highly experienced manufacturer in the chemical industry, specializing in producing construction and insulation materials. With over 20 years of expertise, we offer a diverse range of products to cater to various needs. Our product line includes the following:

1. Tile adhesive: Our CE certified adhesive ensures high-quality tiling solutions.
2. Joint filler: Available in multiple colors, our joint fillers provide excellent finishing options.
3. Waterproofing products: We offer both acrylic and cement-based waterproofing solutions.
4. Primers: Specifically designed for ceramic over ceramic applications, our primers ensure optimal adhesion.
5. EPS thermal insulation boards: Our insulation boards are perfect for enhancing energy efficiency.
6. Decorative and board plasters: Enhance the aesthetics of your projects with our decorative and board plasters.
7. Underfloor heating panels: We provide panels that facilitate effective underfloor heating systems.
8. Surface hardeners: Our surface hardeners are reliable and long-lasting.

We pride ourselves on offering highly competitive prices, both within Turkey and internationally. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is paramount, reflected in our dedicated export team. Comprising members fluent in various languages, we strive to serve all customers with meticulous attention to detail throughout the purchasing process.

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