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Online 25 December 2023 Joined since December 2023

elmor is a specialized manufacturer in the millimeter and sub-millimeter range, focusing on counters for irregularly shaped small parts. With a global presence, our elmor counters are widely used in various industries. They are utilized for counting seeds, insects, as well as mechanical, optical, or electronic small parts, implants, and pharmaceutical products.

The versatility of our counters extends beyond counting. We offer a range of devices for further processing the counted parts. From simple manual filling equipment to popular carousel filling devices, and even automatic packaging machines, we provide solutions for every stage of the process.

At elmor, we are also dedicated to innovation. Our team develops and produces special sorters, including the innovative elmor color sorter and the single-grain seed single weight sorter. These advanced systems cater to specific needs in the industry, ensuring accurate and efficient sorting processes.

In addition to counters and sorters, we offer a range of other products. Our lineup includes electronic counters, sorting systems, sorting machines for small parts, sorting devices for various industries, sorting machines for the packaging industry, and conformity analysis devices.

With our comprehensive range of products and expertise in the industry, elmor is committed to providing innovative solutions and top-quality equipment for counting and sorting small parts.

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