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Online 6 August 2023 Joined since August 2023

Dymax is a global leader in the manufacturing of innovative light-curing materials, fluid dispense systems, and UV LED light-curing equipment for industrial applications. With its European headquarters based in Wiesbaden, the company boasts over four decades of experience in developing and producing light-curing adhesives, films, and seals.

Dymax's extensive range of UV adhesives, films, casting compounds, seals, and masking agents are renowned for their monoconstituent nature and solvent-free composition. This ensures high-quality and environmentally friendly products. These industrial adhesives are specifically designed to bond a wide range of substrates, including challenging materials such as plastics, glass, and metals.

In addition to its comprehensive range of adhesives, Dymax also specializes in the development and sale of LED and UV light-curing equipment. These machines enable the fast and efficient curing of light-curing adhesives, films, and UV printing inks using medium to high-intensity LED, UV, or visible light. This guarantees superior performance and reliability in a variety of application settings.

Overall, Dymax's commitment to cutting-edge technologies and its unparalleled expertise in the field positions it as a top player in the industry.

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