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Online 24 July 2022 Joined since July 2022

Dixon Automatic Tool, Inc. is a privately-owned company located in Rockford, IL. Our Company is the outgrowth of Dixon Research, Inc., founded in 1946 by the late Paul H. Dixon. Dixon Research specialized in the development of weapons with high-speed ammo feed systems for the military. As this technology developed, we transitioned to industrial applications that led to re-incorporating our company as Dixon Automatic Tool, Inc. in 1952.

Our staff have always been focused on engineering and the creation of new products to improve productivity. Our products are the result of years of design and development work involving parts handling for automated assembly. Dixon has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge in assembly technology. Our engineering background allowed us to specialize on developing automatic self-fed screwdrivers, nut drivers, part placers, feed systems, part orienting and placement of a wide range of component piece parts. We also offer a line of semi-automatic work cells.

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