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Online 31 July 2023 Joined since July 2023

deZem is a leading company in the data analytics industry, specializing in providing a powerful platform for analyzing large volumes of data. We offer a modular system that encompasses various areas such as data analytics, IoT, energy controlling, and energy management.

What sets us apart from the competition is our seamless integration of existing solutions into our software and hardware, ensuring a smooth transition for our clients. Information security is our top priority, and we have implemented robust measures to safeguard data privacy.

With the deZem System, businesses can achieve transparency in their data and gain valuable insights into their energy consumption. This empowers them to identify potential areas for process optimization, resulting in substantial energy and cost savings.

Since our establishment in 2003, deZem has been at the forefront of developing and supplying cutting-edge software and hardware solutions, coupled with comprehensive supporting services for data analytics, environmental, and energy management. Our system boasts a consistent focus on usability, performance, flexibility, availability, and security.

We offer end-to-end solutions, seamlessly integrating third-party products as needed, to meet the unique requirements of each client. By collaborating closely with our partners and customers, we ensure the realization of the optimal system for every situation.

To guarantee the highest quality standards, our quality management system is ISO 9001-certified. Our dedicated team in our Berlin office combines their expertise to program, configure, design, and invent innovative solutions.

At deZem, we not only excel in our professional endeavors but also have a commitment to sustainable practices. In our office, we have a beehive that produces over 160 kg of honey each year. Rest assured, our beehive is equipped with extensive monitoring capabilities, ensuring the well-being of our buzzing colleagues online.

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