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Online 5 January 2024 Joined since January 2024

CAKESPACE is a recreational CBD brand that specializes in offering a variety of products derived from CBD. Our company focuses on the cultivation of high-quality cannabis flowers, which are grown in partner farms located in Italy and Portugal. The cultivation is carried out using different methods such as greenhouses, glasshouses, indoor, and hydroponics to ensure optimal growth conditions.

We take pride in providing 100% natural flowers, which means that they are not artificially enhanced with CO2. To maintain the purity and quality of our flowers, they are rehydrated with distilled water and treated with chemical terpineol. Additionally, we store our plants at precise temperature and humidity levels to avoid any stress to the plants, thereby preserving their taste and beneficial properties.

In our continuous effort to expand our product range, we have recently collaborated with a French laboratory. This laboratory plays a vital role in extracting CBD from the residues obtained during our flower production. This extracted CBD is then used for the creation of our processed products including vapes, oils, drinks, and more.

Our products, namely CBD VAPES, SUBLINGUAL CBD OILS, CBD FLOWERS, and CBD DRINKS, are carefully formulated to enhance your overall sensory experience. Each product contains a unique blend of CBD, CBG, and CBN, along with a specifically crafted terpineol trio, designed to amplify the desired sensations.

At CAKESPACE, we are committed to providing our customers with premium quality CBD products that deliver unparalleled enjoyment and relaxation.

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