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Online 27 December 2023 Joined since December 2023

Broker's HIEN is a global provider of versatile solutions to customers in the commodities sector. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we specialize in supplying commodities and products directly from producers and manufacturers. Our main partnerships are with suppliers from Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.

In Brazil, we offer a wide range of animal feed and human consumption products. This includes Yellow Corn Grade 2, Soybean Meal (46% and 48%), Corn Meal (DDGS 26%), GMO and NON-GMO Soybean Grade#2, GMO and NON-GMO Yellow Corn Grade#2, Corn Flour, and NON-GMO Chickpea Grade. Our minimum order quantity for these products is 12,500MT monthly.

Additionally, we trade in Sugar Icumsa 45, 100&150, and 600-1200, which is available in 50kg bags (minimum order quantity: 500MT) or in bulk (minimum order quantity: 12,500MT).

We also offer other products such as Cocopeat, Growbag, coirgeotextile, Himalayan salt lick, and edible salt. The minimum order quantity for these products varies and is either 20'FCL or 40'FCL, depending on the specific product.

Our ability to directly connect with producers and manufacturers allows us to offer competitive prices for our products.

Please note that we currently do not offer an internship program.

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