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Online 3 January 2024 Joined since January 2024
Online 3 January 2024 Joined since January 2024

Astra is a leading company in the production and export of black and stainless steel tanks and pressure vessels. With our own production, engineering, testing, and technician departments, we ensure meticulous attention to detail, from design to assembly, in order to meet the needs of our clients, even the most demanding ones.

Our engineers work closely with end users, allowing us to develop innovative solutions. Astra manufactures tanks for various industries, including brewery, dairy, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and storage tanks. Additionally, we can provide industrial laundry equipment and have exceptional welding and metalworking capabilities, catering to both cylindrical tanks and equipment with different shapes and purposes. We specialize in producing non-standard products based on the customer's technical specifications.

In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, Astra offers a range of services, such as laser cutting, mechanical machining, punching, pickling, and passivation.

We pride ourselves on our ISO 9001 certification and the implementation of an ERP system that controls all stages of the project, from order receipt to equipment delivery. Each project is treated individually, and meticulous planning is crucial. Our factory plant load monitoring, designers' employment awareness, and strict delivery schedule for material deliveries allow us to adhere to production deadlines while maintaining the highest quality standards.

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