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Online 4 August 2023 Joined since August 2023

AG Feeding is a leading company in the food industry, specializing in the production of highest-quality food fibres. Our dedication to using exclusively natural materials sets us apart in the market. Through our mechanical process, we create a wide range of fruit and vegetable fibres and powders.

One of our popular products is apple fibre, which serves as a perfect substitute for thickeners in the production of jams, ketchup, and tomato sauce. Additionally, we offer aronia fibre, a versatile ingredient widely used as a dye for marmalades, wines, sauces, and creams.

In addition to these options, our product lineup includes cocoa fibre, chicory fibre, oat fibre, blackcurrant fibre, and buckwheat fibre. Each of these fibres comes with its unique benefits and uses, providing our clients with a diverse selection to meet their specific needs.

Beyond fibres, we offer a broad range of freeze-dried fruits, including raspberries, aronia, apples, blackberries, strawberries, black or red currants. These fruits are meticulously selected, freeze-dried, and packed to retain their natural flavors and nutritional value.

Taking our expertise further, we cater to the confectionery and ice-cream industry by supplying top-quality candied fruits. These delightful additions, such as candied aronia, plums, black currants, gooseberries, cranberries, red currants, and cherries, enhance the taste and visual appeal of ice creams and cakes.

Delicious and healthy juices and concentrates are another specialty of ours. By using fresh vegetables and fruits, we create flavorful and nutritious beverages. Moreover, we proudly offer a selection of organic products made from fruits and vegetables sourced from trusted organic farms.

We invite all interested parties to explore our comprehensive range of products and consider leveraging our expertise. Collaboration with AG Feeding promises superior quality, natural ingredients, and innovative solutions for your business needs.

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