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Online 3 January 2024 Joined since January 2024

A2Display is a software developer specializing in digital multimedia communication. Headquartered in France and the UK, our company provides a comprehensive solution for managing content displayed on dynamic and interactive screens, as well as personalized individual apps.

With our single-app software, you can easily manage all your digital communication needs. Whether it's communication through smartphones, LED panels, or other screens, our real-time editing capabilities ensure that your content is up to date and impactful. Embracing an eco-responsible approach, we promote connectivity while minimizing paper usage by digitizing all your communication. Our display management features allow you to turn off LED panels at night and put interactive media on standby, saving energy with adaptive brightness.

Our software offers a range of features to enhance your digital communication strategy. You can schedule content to be displayed in real-time or on specific dates for maximum impact. Creating and editing content is quick and easy, with a simple four-step process: connect, create, add content, and broadcast. Our software is designed to manage dynamic touch and non-touch displays, as well as mobile apps, providing a unified solution for all your digital communication needs.

Accessible directly through your web browser, our service for screen management is user-friendly and convenient.

In addition to our software solutions, we are actively seeking resellers who are familiar with digital displays or looking to diversify their business. Our software is also built with resellers in mind, and we offer a Partnership program to provide support and opportunities for collaboration. To learn more about becoming a reseller or our Partnership program, please contact us at the provided phone numbers.

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