AccuBird® (Battery powered blind rivet setting tool)

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Product Description:Introducing our premium Blind Rivet Tool, designed specifically for the riveting industry. With a working range that accommodates blind rivets up to 5 mm Ø aluminum and 4 mm Ø steel and stainless steel, this tool is suitable for a variety of applications.In terms of technical specifications, our rivet tool weighs 480 grams and has a total length of 275 mm. It features a convenient 8 mm stroke, ensuring efficient and precise riveting results.To enhance usability, our rivet tool comes with a range of accessories. This includes four different nosepieces (10u002F18, 10u002F24, 10u002F27, and 10u002F32) to accommodate various rivet sizes. Additionally, it comes with a maintenance wrench and comprehensive operating instructions, complete with a spare parts list.When it comes to advantages, our rivet tool offers exceptional quality and durability. It features a body casing made from high-quality die-cast aluminum, guaranteeing longevity and reliability. The body head is constructed from forged steel, further enhancing its strength and durability. The narrow head design allows for easy access to hard-to-reach rivet locations.The inclusion of an opening spring enables automatic ejection of the mandrel, minimizing downtime and improving productivity. Additionally, the rivet tool is designed with ergonomic handles, ensuring a comfortable grip and reducing user fatigue.Whether you're working with aluminum, steel, or stainless steel blind rivets, our Blind Rivet Tool is the perfect choice for professional results. Invest in our reliable and user-friendly tool for all your riveting needs.