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Introducing our cream dispenser, perfect for creating delicious whipped cream in just seconds. This innovative product is designed for use in the food industry, specifically in cafes, bakeries, and restaurants. If you're experiencing a lack of cream when using the dispenser, it's likely that the head valve needs to be replaced. By simply replacing the head valve, you can restore the dispenser to its optimal functionality. In the event that whipped cream is shooting out of the dispenser when charging it, this is a telltale sign that the valve on top of the dispenser is either broken or close to breaking. To resolve this issue, we recommend replacing the valve to ensure a smooth and controlled dispensing process. If the cream is being released as a liquid rather than a firm consistency, it could be due to the cream itself. Make sure you are using cream with a high fat content, as whipping and thickening cream should have a fat percentage of at least 32%. To ensure the best performance, it's important to use fresh or up-to-date N2O cream chargers. Over time, nitrous oxide gas can lose its potency, so using new chargers is crucial. We recommend utilizing larger cylinders, such as the 580 gram or 640 gram cream chargers. Additionally, don't forget to shake the container before usage to ensure the cream is properly mixed and ready to be whipped. Invest in our cream dispenser today to experience convenient and efficient whipped cream preparation in your professional kitchen.

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