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Klöpper Therm offers Braking Resistor Units designed to meet the demands of various industries, such as ships, oil rigs, crane barges, and offshore vessels. In these industries, electrical drive systems are increasingly being used due to their numerous advantages.

An electrical drive motor can also function as a generator, allowing reverse power to flow in the drive system. This reverse power can then be fed into a resistor, effectively extracting energy from the system and causing the motor to slow down. The braking resistor plays a crucial role in converting the generated energy into heat, dissipating it safely.

One of the key benefits of using electric drive systems is the availability of reliable regenerative and dynamic braking resistors. These resistors can either complement or replace traditional mechanical braking systems, offering advantages such as enhanced control, increased reliability, mechanical simplicity, weight savings, and the potential to utilize the regenerated braking energy.

Klöpper Therm's Braking Resistor Units are meticulously designed to suit specific applications, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

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