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The full-tempered glasses are a vital component in various industries such as construction, appliances, automotive, and more. They undergo a tempering operation involving heating and cooling stages, which imparts compression stress to the outer surfaces and indirect tensile stress to the middle area of the glasses along the horizontal line. This process enhances their durability by 5 times compared to glasses that haven't undergone this operation.

One significant advantage of tempered glasses is that when they do break, they fragment into small, harmless pieces resembling tiny ice particles. This minimizes the potential damage they can cause compared to float glasses, which shatter into larger, more dangerous shards when broken.

Tempered glasses, also referred to as hardened glasses, are specifically designed as safety glasses to ensure the protection of individuals in case of breakage. They are commonly used in various applications, including front glasses for buildings, appliance glasses, automotive windshields, shower cabins and bath-tub glasses, furniture glasses, railings, banisters, and glasses for balcony closing systems. By utilizing tempered glasses in these areas, the risk of harm to consumers is significantly reduced when the glasses break.

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