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Introducing Knight Opticals Low GDD Ultrafast Laser Mirrors, which are specifically designed for the industry of ultrafast lasers. In addition to our Low GDD mirrors, we also offer a range of alternative options such as broadband and wide-angle mirrors to cater to a wider range of applications.

Our Wide-Angle Laser Mirrors are specifically optimized for Ytterbium (Yb) doped lasers, including diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) and fiber lasers. These mirrors have a design wavelength of either 515nm or 1030nm, which are ideal for fundamental and second harmonic (SHG) emissions. When used at an incident angle between 0 to 45°, these mirrors exhibit exceptional reflection efficiency of over 99.9%.

On the other hand, our Broadband Laser Mirrors are tailored for applications using Ti:Sapphire lasers and operate within the wavelength range of 700-900nm. Within this range, these mirrors demonstrate a reflection efficiency of over 99.9%.

Key features of our laser mirrors include an Ion Beam Sputtered (IBS) coating, which enhances their durability and compactness. With a reflection efficiency of over 99.9% within their respective design wavelength ranges, these mirrors offer precise and reliable performance. They operate optimally at an incident angle of 45° and exhibit minimal group delay dispersion (GDD), effectively preventing pulse broadening. Moreover, our mirrors boast a high laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT) and are crafted with meticulous precision in terms of flatness and surface quality.

Choose Knight Opticals Low GDD Ultrafast Laser Mirrors for high-performance mirror solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the ultrafast laser industry.

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