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8 Oz Cardboard Cup Product Description:
Our 8 Oz cardboard cups are the perfect solution for serving various hot and cold beverages in a safe and convenient manner. With a volume of 236 ml, these cups are ideal for serving tea, coffee, and other hot drinks. They are also suitable for a wide range of cold beverages, including fruit juices, soft drinks, and cold coffee varieties.

Rest assured, these disposable cups are approved and safe for food contact, making them a reliable choice for your business or personal use. The cups are made from certified and reliable paper, ensuring their quality and safety. Water-based paint is used for printing on the cups, further enhancing their safety and healthiness.

The 8 Oz cardboard cups have a paper weight ranging from 233 GSM to 310 GSM, indicating their durability and strength. The overall product weight of these cups ranges between 6.00 gr and 7.50 gr, making them lightweight and easy to handle. When filled to capacity, the cups can hold approximately 236 ml of liquid.

If you opt for printed paper cups, we utilize water-based paint to ensure the design is both visually appealing and safe for use. Our commitment to using healthy, certified, and reliable paper throughout the production process guarantees a superior product.

Choose our 8 Oz cardboard cups for your hot and cold beverage needs, and enjoy a reliable and eco-friendly solution for serving drinks.