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The INGENERIC beamPROP is an essential component in the field of high power diode laser arrays. It is a lens array specifically designed to match the beam parameter product (BPP) of the fast and slow axis of these laser arrays.

This lens array plays a vital role in two crucial applications: fiber coupling of diode bars and dense wavelength beam combining. Both of these applications have stringent requirements, which are expertly fulfilled by INGENERIC's exceptional manufacturing technology. This technology guarantees the highest levels of efficiency for diode lasers.

The beamPROP stands out from the competition due to its four key features. Firstly, it enables the complete utilization of the aperture by minimizing transition zones. Secondly, it achieves minimal aberrations through the highest level of precision and uniformity of the lenslets. Thirdly, it ensures an exact rotation of the emitter by maintaining defined center thickness accuracy. Lastly, it minimizes pointing errors thanks to the precise positioning of the front and back surfaces.

With the INGENERIC beamPROP, users can achieve the highest beam quality and leverage its advanced features to optimize their applications in the high power diode laser industry.

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