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Introducing the Rossin Press: The World's Best in Oil Extraction Technology

With utmost dedication to quality and precision, we present the unmatched Rossin Press. This exceptional product boasts a remarkable 10-year warranty, guaranteeing its longevity and reliability.

At the core of our innovation lies the world's smallest jack, boasting a remarkable 10-ton capacity. This ingenious design element allows the Rossin Press to be smaller and lighter than any foreign counterparts in the market.

Countless hours of rigorous experimentation were devoted to perfecting the pressure and temperature dynamics of our press. Astonishingly, we discovered that minimizing the pressure created by the jack necessitates precise temperature adjustments. For instance, traditional hand presses are inadequate as they lack the necessary force to efficiently extract oils. With an exerted force of 2 tons, a temperature of 150 degrees is required, which unfortunately results in the loss of vital terpenes from the plant. In contrast, a force of 4-5 tons warrants a lower plate temperature of 80-90 degrees, allowing for optimal retention of the plant's beneficial compounds.

Our Rossin Press boasts an impressive tonnage of 10.5 tons, ensuring superior performance in extracting oils at temperatures ranging from 30 to 60 degrees Celsius. Rest assured, this press delivers maximum yield with utmost efficiency.

Now, let us guide you on how to expertly utilize the Rossin Press for extracting oils from raw materials. The press utilizes a combination of pressure and controlled heating, ensuring the highest quality oil extraction process imaginable.

Choose the Rossin Press, and revolutionize your oil extraction endeavors today.

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