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Our FFA (as oleic) is a high-quality product that meets the industry standards. The FFA content is guaranteed to be within the range of 1.00% to 2.00% by weight. We ensure that the moisture and impurities are kept at a minimum, with a maximum limit of 0.30% and 0.50% respectively.

The flashpoint of our product is typically 150 degrees Celsius, ensuring safe handling and storage. The chlorophyll content is kept within the range of 30ppm to 50ppm. The neutral oil content is typically 98.50% or higher, making it suitable for various applications. The product has a maximum loss of 1.50% and a maximum phosphorus content of 300ppm.

Furthermore, the erucic acid content is <2.00% and the sulfur content is typically 10ppm.

For packaging, we offer different options to cater to your needs. For a 20-footer full container load (20 FCL GP), we provide 1-liter PET bottles packed in 1330 cartons, with each carton containing 12 bottles. Alternatively, we offer 190kg steel drums, with 98 drums per container. For larger quantities, we provide flexible tanks for bulk shipments.

Our FFA product is suitable for various industries and applications due to its high-quality standards and flexible packaging options.

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