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Introducing our innovative Attachable or Replaceable H-cartridge for CBD extract Purple Bud, designed specifically for the cannabis industry. This H-cartridge is compatible with CBD extracts and provides a convenient and customizable vaping experience.

The H-cartridge is thoughtfully designed to be reusable, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of CBD extract in a sustainable way. No need to worry about constantly replacing cartridges.

Featuring two popular flavors - Mango Kush and Northern Lights, this H-cartridge offers a delightful and aromatic vaping experience. The Mango Kush flavor delights the senses with its tropical and sweet notes, while the Northern Lights flavor provides a calming and earthy essence.

Experience the utmost convenience, flexibility, and quality with our Attachable or Replaceable H-cartridge for CBD extract Purple Bud, and enjoy the flavors that suit your preferences in the world of cannabis.

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