PowerGear – The spiral bevel gearbox

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Basic information

Introducing the Power Gear HS series by MS-Graessner, designed specifically to meet special requirements without any compromises. This gearbox incorporates decades of engineering expertise to ensure optimal performance at the highest speeds. Each component has been meticulously developed and designed to deliver exceptional results in a wide range of applications.

The Power Gear HS series boasts numerous benefits, making it ideal for dynamic servo drive-train units. It offers a higher permissible thermal performance limit, ensuring reliable operation even under demanding conditions. Additionally, this gearbox delivers low backlash and highly accurate transmission, guaranteeing precise and efficient power transfer.

With motor mounting via coupling and lantern, the Power Gear HS series ensures a secure and friction-locked fit between the shaft and bevel gear. It can also serve as a pre-stage for coaxial gearboxes, offering versatility in various configurations. Furthermore, this gearbox boasts an impressive energy efficiency rating of 98%, resulting in energy savings.

Here is a technical overview of the Power Gear HS series:
- Available in sizes S90, S110, S140, and S170
- Configurations include L, H, KL, and KH
- Ratio options of i = 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0
- Shaft arrangement options include WA 1, WA 3, and WA 13
- Maximum input speed of n1max up to 8500 min-1
- Motor mounting is achieved via coupling and lantern (KL/KH).

In summary, the Power Gear HS series is a high-performance gearbox that's specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of various industries. With its exceptional speed capabilities, low backlash, precise transmission, and energy efficiency, it's the ideal choice for applications where uncompromising performance is paramount.