Professional trolley for hairdressers

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216 Double - Professional color trolley for hairdressers with 2 shelves made of durable scratch-resistant plastic. This trolley is designed specifically for hairdressers and is suitable for use in the hairdressing industry. It features a sturdy structure made of chromed metal with a 4-star base for stability. The upper surface is equipped with an aluminum sheet for cutting hair and also includes a containment system to prevent hair from falling off. The trolley comes with 4 color bowls along with brushes for easy application. Additionally, it has a lower height swiveling surface that can be adjusted with a containment edge. This surface also has two removable trays designed to hook onto the edge, providing extra convenience.

The trolley is available in various colors such as Flat Black for the main structure, as well as Black, White, Red, Ice, Gray, and Orange for the color bowls and removable trays. It comes in different versions and can be customized with accessories to suit individual preferences. The options include 216 M Double Entry, which does not include trays and has a 4-star chromed metal base, and 216 P Double Entry, which also lacks trays but has a 4-star plastic modular base. Alternatively, there is the 216 M Double version with a 4-star chromed metal base, and the 216 P Double version with a 4-star plastic modular base.

In terms of mobility, the trolley can be equipped with removable wheels. You can choose transparent wheels with a diameter of 74mm, which are silent and have anti-hair properties. These wheels come with options such as a plastic or metal cover. Alternatively, you can opt for removable plastic wheels with a diameter of either 48mm or 74mm.

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