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Introducing Fleurette Bardon, our registered trademark, a unique flour made from crushed olive stone pits specifically designed for the baking industry. This technological aid has been developed for use in bakeries, particularly for bread-baking purposes.

Fleurette Bardon flour boasts a range of exceptional properties that make it highly desirable for use in the baking process. Firstly, it is completely odorless, ensuring that the natural flavors of the baked goods remain intact. Additionally, it is tasteless, meaning that it does not affect the original flavor profile of the end product.

One of the standout features of our flour is its natural insulation properties, which are especially valuable when cooking products in wood-fired ovens exposed to high temperatures. By applying our flour as a protective layer between the baking sheet and the product being baked, it effectively prevents carbonization and burn stains in the oven, as well as on the final baked goods. This ensures that even at extremely high temperatures, the quality and appearance of the bread or other baked items remain excellent.

Furthermore, our flour magically disappears during the oven's operation, leaving no trace or residue on the baked products. This unique characteristic enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the final product.

In addition to bread-baking, Fleurette Bardon flour can also be successfully used in wood-fired ovens when making delicious pizzas.

For your convenience, our flour is packaged in 25kg bags, providing ample supply for your bakery's needs.

Choose Fleurette Bardon flour for exceptional bread-baking results, ensuring that your products are of the highest quality and visually appealing.

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