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Zygi-scale is a state-of-the-art weighing scale specifically designed for the beekeeping industry. This innovative product not only accurately measures the weight of beehives, but also provides real-time monitoring of weather conditions. Taking beekeeping to a new level, Zygi-scale incorporates an intelligent alarm system that ensures the safety and security of the hives.

With Zygi-scale, beekeepers can remotely monitor the weight of their beehives, enabling them to make informed decisions about feeding, hive health, and honey production. The scale also tracks weather conditions such as temperature and humidity, allowing beekeepers to assess the impact of environmental factors on their colonies.

The intelligent alarm system integrated into Zygi-scale is a game-changer in hive security. It can detect abnormal weight fluctuations or unauthorized access to the beehives, triggering immediate notifications through SMS, email, or a secure web page accessible through 3G-GPRS technology. This ensures that beekeepers are promptly alerted to any potential threats or disturbances to their hives, allowing them to take swift action to mitigate risks.

Zygi-scale not only simplifies the monitoring process but also enhances the overall efficiency and productivity of beekeeping operations. With its precision weighing capabilities, advanced weather tracking, and intelligent alarm system, this product is a valuable asset for any beekeeper looking to optimize hive management, increase honey yield, and safeguard their precious colonies.

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